Allergy Season is Approaching Portland & Acupuncture Can Help

Spring is just around the corner!!  It brings radiant rainbows, light showers (instead of pervasive rain), towers of clouds, chirping birds, beautiful flowers beginning to bloom…and ALLERGIES.  Uncomfortable allergy symptoms can ruin all the wonderful things about the season.

Welcome to Allergy Season Portland!

Portland acupuncture offers treatment for allergies.Acupuncture is a valuable tool to help alleviate symptoms and encourage the body to function normally.  Offending allergens (dust, pollen, trees, grass, pet dander, etc.) cause our body’s immune system to overreact, overproducing neutralizing chemicals to correct the problem. Uncomfortable symptoms include headaches, runny nose, nasal and sinus congestion, cough, and itchy eyes.  Acupuncture helps the body balance itself to adapt to the changing environment, encouraging the body to function optimally.

Addressing the root cause of the problem can include a desensitization process.  Hypersensitive reactions can be mitigated while slowly building a person’s tolerance to specific allergens.  Sensitivity to allergens can decrease over the years with this process.

Nutritional supplements, drinking more water, and a saline rinse can help too.  The antioxidants in green tea can block histamine production.  And avoiding sugar and foods that have been aged or fermented.

Following these steps in conjunction with acupuncture can help you beat allergies naturally and restore your body’s healthy function. For more information on acupuncture contact us about an appointment.