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Calming the Mind: Three-Point Combinations for Anxiety and Insomnia

Acupuncture to Help Anxiety & Insomnia

acupuncture treatment for anxiety in Beaverton area

Anxiety and insomnia are extremely common patient presentations encountered in the clinic – undoubtedly even more so in today’s challenging times. Often these patients are also apprehensive or sensitive to needling sensation; or blatantly afraid of acupuncture needles in general.

Let’s discuss three of my favorite acupoint prescriptions that offer a minimalist approach for patients suffering from general anxiety and insomnia. These prescriptions use only three points apiece, yet provide highly effective results, allowing apprehensive patients to experience the benefits of acupuncture with minimal invasiveness.

Point Prescription #1

Benshen (GB 13) + Shenting (DU 24) + Sishentong (EX-HN 1)

This is perhaps my favorite point prescription for anxiety and insomnia in all patients; however, this three-point formula is particularly applicable for patients who are anxious about using acupuncture points on the hands or feet. All points are located on the scalp, and work quickly and effectively to calm the mind in cases of anxiety and insomnia. It is extremely effective for patients who suffer from anxiety / insomnia and/or chronic headaches, chronic nasal allergies, poor memory, poor concentration, mild to moderate depression, tense shoulders, and visual fatigue / eye strain due to daily work with computer screens.

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Acupuncture: A Great Choice Prior to Surgery

Acupuncture Help Before Surgery

acupuncture treatment for surgery preop

Medication, including opioids, is commonly prescribed following surgery; and many veterans deal with chronic pain with opioids, independent of surgery. Exciting new research suggests veteran surgical candidates who receive acupuncture prior to their procedure experience less postsurgical pain and are less likely to require opioids – a win-win for both veterans and the acupuncture profession.

Study findings presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), and subsequently detailed in an ASA press release, detailed the encouraging results involving more than 100 veterans randomly assigned to one of two groups prior to surgery.

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Try This Natural Health Approach to Sinus Infections

Sinusitis Natural Health Treatments!

Natural health options for sinus infections.
Multiple studies have shown that sinus infections can be more serious than we think. This all-natural remedy easily cleared this case of sinusitis. Here’s some relief for those of you who suffer with chronic sinus issues.

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All-Natural Health HELP For Irritable Bowel

We Can Help You With Irritable Bowel With Natural Health

Natural health treatments for Portland area clients suffering IBS.

Any problem with elimination can be frustrating and debilitating. This natural approach to easing irritable bowel symptoms may be the answer you’re looking for. If you or someone you know suffers from any type of irritable bowel issue, watch this week’s video for valuable information on how to restore health to your colon.

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Natural Remedies for Depression, Anxiety Or Brain Fog

Depression Can be Symptom of Gut-Brain Connection

Natural remedies to treat depression and other symptoms.

Anxiety, depression, having trouble concentrating or even sleep issues can be caused by a problem with your digestive system. It is called the gut-brain connection. Food sensitivity, leaky gut from years of processed foods, or other common factors can cause a “brush fire” in your gut.

Watch this week’s video as Dr. Cara Hartman shares her clinical perspective into how addressing the gut-brain connection makes a difference.

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Holistic Health Steps to Eliminate Gas & Bloating

Simple Holistic Health Steps for Gas & Bloating Treatment

Holistic health treatment options for gas and bloating.

Gas and bloating is a common occurrence that has probably happened to you or someone you know. In fact, up to 30% of people will experience it at one level or another. So, how do we get rid of this uncomfortable phenomenon? We attack it at its source! Gas and bloating can be eliminated with these simple, but powerful lifestyle changes. 

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Wellness Counseling When Prescriptions Aren’t Working

A Wellness Therapy Approach May Be The Answer

Wellness counseling and therapy for when your prescriptions aren't working.

As a patient, can you always trust the diagnosis you receive? Is the diagnosis you received accurate? Do your medical treatments/medications not seem to be working? If you are not getting better, you have options!

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Wellness Counseling & Therapy Tips for Stress

Finding Your Place Of Peace With Wellness Counseling

Stress treatment with wellness counseling & therapy.

It goes without saying that 2020 was a stressful year. The fact is, though, that we will experience stress throughout our entire lives. The way stressors impact our every day lives often gets overlooked until they cause health issues. Listen as Dr. Berglund discusses ways in which we can overcome our stress and transition into a place of peace.

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A Natural Solution to Eczema

A Natural Solution That Is BETTER Than Ointments & Creams

Natural wellness medicine to treat eczema.

Eczema is a condition in which patches of skin become rough, inflamed, and causes itching and bleeding. Dr. Berglund shares his advice on how to reduce these conditions using a natural medicine. If you or anyone you know are suffering from eczema, watch this week’s Wellness video and ask your wellness clinician about a wellness treatment for eczema.

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Follow These Holistic Health Guidelines To Help Erase Gas & Bloating

Holistic Health Counseling to Help Eliminate Gas & Bloating

Offering holistic health counseling to help eliminate gas & bloating.

Eliminate Gas & Bloating With These Simple Holistic Health Steps

Gas and bloating is a common occurrence that has probably happened to you or someone you know. In fact, up to 30% of people will experience it at one level or another. So, how do we get rid of this uncomfortable phenomenon? We attack it at its source! Gas and bloating can be eliminated with these simple, but powerful lifestyle changes.

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