Benefits of Water: 10 Reasons to Drink Plenty of H2O

Benefits of Water: 10 Reasons to Drink Plenty of H2O

All of us well know that we are supposed to drink enough high quality water. Your water needs depend on many factors, including how active you are, where you live, and your general health. Every system of your body depends on water, which makes up approximately 60% of your body weight. Lack of water can lead to dehydration, which can zap your energy and inhibit your body’s ability to function normally.

Here are 10 wonderful benefits of water:

1. Water suppresses your appetite, prevents fluid retention, aids metabolism and helps your body burn stored fat, to help you lose weight.

2. Water carries oxygen to your cells, enabling your muscles to work harder so that they become stronger.

3. Water keeps your joints strong and lubricated, reducing joint pain.

4. Water detoxifies, flushing out the vital organs through the lymphatic system, intestines and kidneys, allowing the liver to metabolize stored fat more efficiently.

5. Water helps moisturize your skin, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

6. Water aids digestion and can prevent constipation.

7. Water improves alertness and concentration, decreasing irritability and fatigue.

8. Water can prevent headaches and muscle cramps.

9. Water transports nutrients and oxygen to your cells.

10. Water helps your brain perform more optimally.

Remember to drink throughout the day. Thirst is an indicator that your body wants something to drink.