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Wellness Counseling When Prescriptions Aren’t Working

A Wellness Therapy Approach May Be The Answer

Wellness counseling and therapy for when your prescriptions aren't working.

As a patient, can you always trust the diagnosis you receive? Is the diagnosis you received accurate? Do your medical treatments/medications not seem to be working? If you are not getting better, you have options!

Make an appointment at our Tigard office to find out if Wellness counseling and therapy can help you.

Wellness Counseling & Therapy Tips for Stress

Finding Your Place Of Peace With Wellness Counseling

Stress treatment with wellness counseling & therapy.

It goes without saying that 2020 was a stressful year. The fact is, though, that we will experience stress throughout our entire lives. The way stressors impact our every day lives often gets overlooked until they cause health issues. Listen as Dr. Berglund discusses ways in which we can overcome our stress and transition into a place of peace.

If you are feeling stress and are interested in wellness counseling & therapy, make an appointment at our Tigard office.

Weight Lose Counseling Detox Program for 2021

Lose Weight & Feel Dramatically Better In Just 15 Days!

Weight lose counseling and therapy

Try Our 15-Day Detox: Lose Weight & Feel Better Fast

We’ve all been there… making resolutions for the upcoming year that are hard to maintain. What if I told you that there is an easy-to-use detox program that you will actually love? 2020 may not have been everything we hoped for, but we have the chance to make 2021 the year of health! This super easy detox is a GREAT way to lose weight and feel better fast.

If you are looking for weight lose counseling to help this new year, contact us for more information.

How Positivity Positively Affects You

Empowerment with Positivity Counseling in Tigard

Add positivity to your life counseling - Tigard appointments.There is nothing more important than having a positive attitude. The attitude you display toward your day-to-day activities can make a huge difference in improving the quality of your life! Positivity makes the world go round and helps to ensure everything functions harmoniously. It’s a no-brainer that positivity, well, positively affects you.

You should allow the enhancing effects of positivity to start impacting your day as soon as possible. Start your day by letting small amounts of sunlight into your room, enjoying a cup of warming herbal tea and just reflecting on what it is you plan to accomplish today. A simple morning routine such as this can boost productivity and positivity throughout the day.

Once your day is started you should make sure to keep the positive energy going. It’s easy to allow the stress of your work day to get to you, and, this can crush the positive energy you have worked so hard to embody. The funny thing about this is positive thinking works to eliminate stress and improves well-being. So, in order to not let the work day stress get to you, simply think positive!

Positive thinking will not only eliminate stress, but it will improve your skills, your work ethic and the amount of success you will achieve in life. In addition to the morning routine, there are some other counseling and therapy tips to help you gain a more positive mindset and apply consistent positive thinking to your lifestyle.

Exercise. Exercise is very important to both your physical and mental health, make sure you schedule time throughout your day to get some exercise or play-time in, by doing this you can help maintain a positive lifestyle.

Meditation. Meditation can be extremely beneficial to enriching your life with positive energy. If you do not happen to be an expert on meditation yourself, or you have never done it before, reach out to those in your community who can assist you with mediation and help you harness its benefits.

Writing. Writing down your thoughts and journaling can help reduce stress and induce positivity. It is important to catalog our thoughts, this way we do not bottle them up. So, start a journal, a blog or even write some poetry. A little writing can go a long way to making you stay positivity.

Learn to live as one with positivity and you will succeed in all your long-term goals. Wanting to empower yourself and change your life is something we can help you with counseling and therapy at our Tigard location. Call to make an appointment with us today!