COVID-19 Protocols Update

Clinic Protocols for Providing Care

After our successful “soft opening” that began in mid-May, we continue to gradually return to our usual schedules.  We have incorporated additional adaptations, following the standards for providing care.

As a reminder, these are the protocols that we have in place:

  • We ask that no one with respiratory symptoms or a temperature come to the clinic.
  • Pre-screening questions are asked and temperatures (with a non-contact thermometer) are taken prior to treatment.
  • Call upon arrival so that we can safely limit the number of patients/clients in the waiting area.
  • As Governor Brown has stipulated, masks are required upon entry into the clinic and while escorted into a treatment room. If you have forgotten your mask, we have extras at the front desk.  All practitioners are wearing masks in the trafficked and treatment areas.
  • Appointment times are staggered and we are seeing fewer patients at a time.  We are maintaining physical distancing throughout the clinic.
  • We have enhanced our disinfection procedures for everyone’s safety: high touch areas are cleaned throughout the day, hand sanitizer is inside the front entrance or there are four sinks for hand washing, if preferred.
  • Tissues and sanitary wipes are available in the rooms and entry areas.
  • Reminder signage is at the entrance door, and in the reception area.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed for checking out.
  • Curbside pickup is an option for purchasing supplements or online platforms can be set up for discounted, individual, personal ordering.

All the practitioners at Meridian would like to express our appreciation for entrusting us with your care.  We have gotten good feedback from those who have come in, who feel safe and comfortable with our new procedures.  We are here to provide integral services to maintain and support your health during these challenging times.

Please call us if you want additional information or would like to have a conversation with your practitioner.  We hope to see you again soon at Meridian.