COVID-19 Symptoms Treated by Acupuncture Offered in Beaverton Area

Acupuncture and COVID Long-Haulers

Acupuncture for COVID-19 symptoms.

Pt. 1: 5 Element Acupuncture basis for diagnosis and treatment.

The long-tail symptoms of Covid involve multiple organs and physiological systems. Western medicine is struggling to understand this sequela, its disruption to full recovery and how best to treat it.

Worsley 5 Element Acupuncture, with its assessment focus on finding the root cause of illness, namely the causative factor, may offer a lens through which any acupuncture health care provider can understand the long-tail symptoms for any one patient and target their treatment. Case reports suggest the sequelae of symptoms that persist is linked to your causative factor. Treatment results point to 5 Element Acupuncture as an effective assessment and treatment intervention in long-Covid recovery.

Biomedicine: The Lasting Health Effects of COVID

Estimates are that “approximately 30% of people who’ve had COVID-19 experience prolonged symptoms.”1 These are wide ranging from lung damage and breathing problems, to heart, immune system and brain dysfunction. Often reported are weakness on exertion, tachycardia, blood pressure variability, brain fog, dizziness, headaches, muscle pain and insomnia.

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