Tina M. Goodell, CTT, NLP, C.Ht.
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I was fortunate enough to come from a family that encouraged me to be curious about the mind, body and spirit. This curiosity led me to many years of studying ways to achieve the best outcomes for clients. I believe that ultimately, the body will bear the burden of our unresolved emotional energy and I’ve developed my practice around helping clients resolve all of this negative energy and heal in a way that they’ve dreamt possible, but not quite achieved. My sessions will typically include: education about the body and mind, meditation/hypnosis, cognitive behavioral work and opportunities to work on the physical body through diet and exercise.

I have my degree in Exercise and Sports Science and my advanced training certifications in Trauma Therapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy through Oregon State University, The Institute of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistics and Psychology and The Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma.

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All the best in your journey towards healing, health and happiness.

Richard Powell, M.A., OT/L
Phone: 503.467.9794
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In 1987 I began helping people recover from illness, injury, and disability as an occupational therapist. I treated all ages until 1991 when I focused on adults particularly 55 and older.

I bring this experience to my counseling practice where I collaborate with you to unlock your innate strength and potential as we explore the experiences of your life.

I work with individuals and couples, and see each person as multidimensional, and honor their pain, wisdom, and need to feel cared for.

Choosing a therapist is a process, I therefore offer 30 minute initial consultations at no charge. Please contact me soon so you can begin to experience the life you’ve been searching for.