Massage Therapists

Jill Nave, LMT 5153
Phone: 503.670.4941

Massage Therapist Jill Nave

Tigard massage therapist, Jill Nave, has been in practice since 1995, and is licensed through the State of Oregon. She attended East West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, OR and completed her Breema practitioner license in October 2007.

Jill has studied a variety of bodywork modalities and has a strong base in therapeutic massage/sports massage. Her most recent study in Breema bodywork has added a whole new dimension of wellness training that is very beneficial to physical and emotional recovery. She is comfortable adapting her technique and depth of work (i.e. lighter comfort touch all the way to deeper work) based upon the needs and comfort of the client. She has worked with a diverse clientele, a wide range of ages and physical concerns, and believes in the importance of addressing the whole person and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal.