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Tigard Area Naturopath Dr. Beth Sandell, ND, MS

Dr. Beth Sandell, ND, MS
Phone: 503-352-0002

Dr Beth Sandell Naturopathic physician in Portland Oregon

Dr. Beth Sandell is a naturopathic physician and all-around medical nerd.  She infuses this passion for knowledge into her patient visits, researching and advocating for them throughout their wellness journey.  She feels that the best care balances both of what natural medicine and conventional medicine have to offer, which is why she blends modern and traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment.  Dr. Sandell likes to work with women’s health, men’s health, cardiovascular and metabolic health, digestive health, mental health, and overall prevention and wellness.

Dr. Sandell first encountered naturopathic medicine when she experienced her own health issues while working a corporate accounting job.  The transformation she experienced was dramatic, which inspired her to help others in similar circumstances by becoming a naturopathic physician herself.