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Acupuncture Results

Acupuncture Results

Acupuncture is a well-known, well-researched, evidence-based approach to healing. It is now an integral part of mainstream medicine, and it is usually covered by insurance companies.


Although most notably used for pain relief and healing, the World Health Organization (WHO) lists 31 conditions that can be treated with acupuncture.

The sooner you start acupuncture treatment, the sooner positive changes can occur

If you avoid having your ailments settle into your body, results come easier and more quickly. See acupuncture as a first line of defense to eradicate pain and rebalance the body to a healthy state.


For more chronic, ongoing conditions and problems, a series of acupuncture treatments will be necessary. The time it takes to feel results depends on the condition being treated and the individual being treated, so it will vary from person to person.


Once improvement is realized and the body is stabilized in a more healthy state, we shift into preventing future problems. We educate about supportive lifestyle and nutritional options. We strive to improve your overall health, making you stronger and less susceptible to future injury or illness.


We’re here to help you get better and stay better. We have built life-long relationships with our patients in a cooperative effort to maintain overall health and well-being. We can help you build the life you want to have, in the way you want to live and enjoy it.