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Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

How to Determine Your Insurance Coverage

Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card.

  • Logging into your insurance company’s website to find benefits, especially for a specialty, can create a very frustrating experience. It’s best to call and talk with a human.


Ask the customer service specialist these questions:

  • What is your name? Write it down for future reference, in case you need it.
  • What is my annual maximum for complimentary care/acupuncture services? Do I have a dollar maximum or a visit limit?


Most plans have acupuncture grouped with naturopathy and chiropractic care. If you see a chiropractor or ND in addition to an acupuncturist, your visits with them will also be deducted from your maximum benefit.

  • How much money or how many visits do I have left?


If you have an annual dollar maximum, this amount will be calculated from the total benefit minus what the insurance company pays to each provider. Depending on your insurance provider, $500 = 6 visits, $1,000 = 12 visits, $2,000 = 20 visits. These are an approximation, not exact visit limits.

  • Does my plan run on a calendar year?


Some people have plans that renew in October. It is good to know when your benefits will max out/begin again.


If you are interested to know your deductible for the next year be sure to ask that too.


It is best to be informed about your insurance coverage so you can plan your healthcare accordingly and avoid unexpected bills. We at Meridian Acupuncture & Wellness are more than happy to verify your insurance to be sure we get consistent information. We encourage everyone to check their own insurance coverage to confirm that it matches our verification process. For those with no insurance, we have affordable pricing options available.


You can use the form belwo to be sure you are getting all the information needed.