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Electron Adapted Neurotherapy

Electron Adapted Neurotherapy

How The Body Works and Heals

Your body operates at a slight negative charge, around -25 millivolts and it heals at around -50 millivolts. So, a slight negative charge is necessary for the body to function properly and heal. If your body is under stress, damaged, or diseased, the body, or body part, becomes positively charged. Normally, your body would get a “re-charge” of this negative charge from the earth (this is what earthing or grounding is about).

World Health organization uses of acupuncture

People used to sleep on the ground and walk in bare feet during most of our development, but we have since separated ourselves from the ground and therefore moved away from that re-charge of vital energy.

How Electric Stimulation Works

The e-stim devices used in Electro Acupuncture emit electrons, a subatomic particle with a negative charge. The electrons are not only important but necessary for your body to function and heal. We can target specific areas of your body (back, neck, knees, etc.), internal organs (through the nerves as they leave the spine), and even the brain. By doing this, we create the optimal environment for your body to function properly and heal itself.


The benefits of Electro Acupuncture do not end there. By using specific frequencies, we can induce your body to produce powerful pain reliving compounds, hormones, and neurotransmitters. This enables us to reduce and eliminate pain while regulating hormonal and nervous system imbalances.