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Meridian Acupuncture & Wellness is a group of experienced, caring and knowledgeable practitioners of natural medicine and wellness in the Portland area dedicated to listening to your concerns, serving your needs, and resolving your problems. If you suffer from acute or chronic pain, acupuncture is a viable treatment option.

Naturopathy, Counseling, and Massage for Portland Oregon Area

You may also benefit from other holistic modalities offered at our integrated wellness center, such as naturopathy, counseling and massage. At Meridian Acupuncture & Wellness, our results-oriented practitioners are committed to helping the people in our community overcome their health challenges to reach and maintain optimal health.


Meridian Acupuncture & Wellness is now offering NutiSync, a genetic nutrition and fitness assessment. Your steps are simple: complete a lifestyle survey online, collect DNA with two cheek swabs, and ship your swabs in a pre-labeled and prepaid envelope. Once your steps are completed, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to receive your NutriSync Action plan.

What your DNA will tell you

  • If you have a genetic predisposition to specific heath concerns.
  • How your genes may influence your body’s response to diet, as well as how food and beverages turn on or off healthy body functions.
  • How your genes may affect your overall fitness/health, as well as how exercise may impact your gene expression by triggering certain genes to turn on and off.

How it works

NutriSync uses SNP genotyping to assess well-researched gene/nutrient and gene/fitness connections. This genetic assessment is combined with your Lifestyle survey using NutriSync’s proprietary Gene/Lifestyle Integration Technology, which will generate your action plan. For more detailed information, visit Standard Process.

If you are interested in an assessment and action plan, please call us at