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Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing

at its very core isn’t a treatment method but rather an investigation method.

Nutrition Response Testing is a method which is safe noninvasive and very specific to help us identify the underlying barriers to proper healing. Utilizing a Nutrition Response Testing exam means we can quickly get to the underlying stress in our bodies function and identify what is creating the environment that allows these nagging symptoms.

During the analysis we will test your bodies innate reflexes for different functional systems and organ stress. Once we identify a pattern that would be beneficial to you, we’ll design a specific nutritional program which can be put into place using dietary changes, some lifestyle habits, as well as using supplements to accelerate the process. Following the puzzle solving component Nutrition Response Testing helps us obtain a high rate of success at the most affordable cost. Kinesiology testing is being adopted and accepted with modern medicine as a significantly less expensive method of identifying the underlying stresses.


We utilize only the safest methods, highest quality, clinically proven whole food supplements and design programs that are not only effective but they are also efficient with your schedule and your budget, and quite honestly we make the entire process fun. So, while you get better you enjoy the entire process.